Thursday, May 6, 2010

thursday bliss list.

i really want to start doing a bliss list one day a week. i just think it's cool to jot down a few things that made me happy that day, and that it is a good way to reflect on my days in a positive manner.

1. baking these sweet little cookies in the morning while dancing around my kitchen to phoenix. i hope my next kitchen has a pretty good view. there really is nothing better than ballet dancing while baking to off set the mass amounts of cookie dough i inhale..
2. taking a field trip for work with fellow NGV employee Addison, stopping to get sonic slushes (we had to given it was a perfect summer day), checking out our stained tongues in the mirror, and finding out that he uses a card box as a wallet.
3. studying at my starbucks on northgate for one of the last times. oh the memories and friends i have made their over the years. a girl i met in there a few years ago walked up to me today and said that it was really great getting to meet me and chat a little over the years. it really made my day.
4. my final first thursday at work. this time it was less about the sales and more about the music. it was a lot of fun. we had free beer, lemonade, music, and cookies (see #1).
5. my outfit. i absolutely love this make-shift skirt i got from target. it is actually a halter, but i folded down the top part and paired it with my stripped tube top. i wish you could see more of it, so i will remember to take a better picture next time.
-- one final and one essay due tomorrow until i'm finished. huzzah!

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