Monday, May 3, 2010

"so i'll spread my wings and fly.."

music is what gets me through the day.
i wake up ready to listen to something.
i sing and dance while i get ready for the day.
it's always a toss up between watching the today show or
listening to my current favorite CD in the morning.

i always pray on my way to work/school, but after i
have my morning talk with God i immediately turn my ipod on.
i feel like i am being untrue to the stereo if i turn it off.
{call me crazy..}

since i started college, i have to study to music.
i try to not let it distract me too much, but i lose that battle
more of the time than i would like to admit.
usually when this happens it's because i am so consumed
with my thoughts and life, and it's an easy way to escape.

i wish that there was constant music to my life that
others could enjoy, and have some insight into my mind
and what i'm feeling and what songs make me happy and
what i chose to listen to when i'm feeling more down.

i like the weeks when i find a new song that i immediately love,
and feel the need to keep it on replay for the course of the day.

today was a day like that.
i'm a little embarrassed to name the song,
but there is just something about it that makes me happy.

i think it reminds me of summer.

so i'm not usually drawn to country music, but
i've definitely been listening to farmer's daughter by
rodney adkins all day.

it's definitely random, and not really my style
but i'll embrace it.

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