Wednesday, May 5, 2010

cinco de mayo.

today i woke up excited about the day ahead.
i got ready and put on my mexican Material dress and headed to Starbucks to get a little studying in before work. i worked for a few hours in the store, and then went back to Starbucks to get a little more homework done. i ran some errands, baked some homemade cookies, and then went to have dinner at La Bodega with my friend Lauren. it was supposed to be a quick little dinner, and we ended up talking for 4 hours (so much for getting a lot of studying in..) oh well, these are the memories i want to make. this is what i want to take away from college. i would rather be making memories with friends then getting in a few extra hours of studying in (check out that little rhyme).

here is to a very worth it late night of studying. we shall see how long the motivation lasts..

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