Tuesday, May 4, 2010

music mania weekend.

thursday night we started off the weekend at the pretty lights concert.
honestly, i danced more with my back to the stage then actually
paying attention to the concert, haha.
the group
Derek Vincent Smith himself
Friday night we went to the Phoenix concert.
it was amazinggg.
i would see them again in a heartbeat.

i like this photo
posing in the streets
group in the street waiting for a taxi
dancing in the street
sister friend and i
ryan and i at a whole in the wall bar downtown
we found this grocery cart in the street. apparently i can still fit in it.
On Saturday, it was Elliot's birthday.
We went to brunch and had a pool day.
That night we drove to Nederland for my "sister's" wedding.
Me, Elliot, and Holly
On Sunday, we had another pool day.
scotty and i.
another amazing weekend with my friends.

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