Wednesday, June 30, 2010

beah home, sweet home.

we are back in the great state of FL.
i love getting to call this place home for the next month.

so far there is no oil/tar balls on the beach.
only time can tell if we will get some, but
watercolor has hired a company to make sure the
beaches are nice and clean which is a plus.

along with oil, we are also having to worry
about excessive rain due to hurricane alex.

God certainly is keeping beach life interesting this summer,
however, mom and i were talking earlier and we agreed
that we would look back in months to come
and remember that God had a plan for everything:

the beach, state, my life in general.

regardless, i would rather be here than at home for my last summer.

i purchased 4 books today.
i decided that my goal for the month is
going to be to read 20 books.

challenge extended.

goodnight world.

Friday, June 25, 2010

thursday bliss list.

Today Mom & i went to Houston for the day
to run some errands, and then made it back
home for a home cooked meal compliments of
Mr. Mike Roebuck.

here were the highlights:

1. Cruising around in Mom's rental car blaring the new TI song.
2. Lunch at Pappasitos with Mom and my best friend, Chadley.
3. New Lululemon workout clothes in attempt to get me motivated to work out...
4. CRAVE cupcakes & Starbucks iced lattes.
5. Wine and Steak night with the family.

... i would say it was a successful day!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

happppy father's day!

To the greatest guy I know.
Everyone says that their dad is the best,
but I really think that mine is.
He is so well liked by everyone,
and has such a kind heart.

He's very witty, and constantly
keeps us laughing at the house.

He does so much for our family,
and other people in need.

It's going to be a challenge finding someone
like him to marry one day!

i {love} youuu!

Monday, June 14, 2010

sounds of the summer: volume one.

this is what summer is sounding like....

The Kinds Don't Stand a Chance (remix) Vampire Weekend
Swim Surfer Blood
What's In It For? Avi Buffalo
Diplomat's Son Vampire Weekend
Dance Yrself Clean LCD Soundsystem
Kiss With a Fist Florence + the Machines
Silver Soul Beach House
White Sky Vampire Weekend
Floating Vibes Surfer Blood
Jail La La Dum Dum Girls
Shadow People Dr. Dog
One Last Avi Buffalo
I Can Change LCD Soundsystem
20 Miles Deer Tick
West Coast Coconut Records
Giving Up the Gun Vampire Weekend
Dreams Passion Pit
In the Sun She & Him

Friday, June 11, 2010

green nail polish.

i borrowed a friend's mint green nail polish this weekend,
and it has me kicking off summer just perfectly.

i had a great weekend.
i've been in Dallas since wednesday night, and
i had a hard time driving home this afternoon.

more pictures from the weekend coming soon.

but for now i will leave you with:

the verse of the day:

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." - Matthew 6:21

---words to live by, patience is keeeey.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

memorial week.

i am so bad at keeping up with uploading my pictures. these are from memorial week. we headed back to florida with some family friends. i casually met Kenny Chesney one night at dinner, no big deal..

night one: dinner at Fish Out of Water
headed to the beach
just dance competition
church sunday at the Seaside Chapel
pretty blue umbrellas
before dinner at Bud & Ally's
pretty lights
busy busy beach
jumping picture
pretty beach
eating mom's homemade gumbo
heading home

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

summer reading list.

1. A Desirable Residence- 06/22
Madeleine Wickham is one of my absolute favoritesss.
2. Beachcombers- 06/22
3. The Rich Pretty- 07/06
4. The Island- 07/06
5. Fly Away Home- 07/13
6. Last Night at Chateau Marmont- 08/17

lust list.

i'll take one of each of these pleaseeee.

the Walkerr wedding.

Holly & Daniel's wedding was by far
the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to.

They thought of every little detail to make it absolutely perfect.

my bouquet.
holly with her flower girls.
we would...
ballet slippers.
handing over Daniel's ring.
my walking partner and i.
you may kiss the bride.
baby brothers.
we fly high.
they like to copy us...
so serious.
let the dance party begin.
they wanted to dance.
pictures of their families.
dance off?
my lauren.
he caught the garter.
i'm stronger than i appear...
the getaway car.
here is to an unforgettable weekend. i'm so happy for the Walkerr's!