Thursday, April 15, 2010


for Easter weekend, i took a trip to the great state of Wyoming to visit my friend Elliot. i left the 80 degree weather in Texas for the below freezing. it snowed every day i was there. we drove from Rock Springs to Jackson to see a more beautiful area of the state. i flew for the first time by myself. it was kind of stressful, and rather boring to be honest. the tiny plane i flew on from Denver to Rock Springs was a joke and slightly scary, but luckily i did survive the flight. we took a billion pictures (as usual), saw as much of {the grand tetons} as we could (it was snowing), saw a moose, cooked dinner, dyed Easter eggs, and had a photo shoot. here are some pictures from the weekend:

so long wyoming.


  1. looks gorgeous out there...i love your photos...really pretty :)

  2. wow. the landscape photos are so beautiful! Looks like you had a great time ;)

  3. what beautiful photos!!! and that polaroid one is ADORABLE! :)