Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Houston, TX: once again.

i'm so behind on weekend updates right now, so here goes:

i went to houston a couple of weeks ago for another
weekend of fun filled events...

scott and i imitated my friend Holly's organ wall engagement pictures.
playing around in the parking lot in Rice Village.
kalena and i on our 3rd try to get a picture minus the boys.
we are always so serious.
sweet and innocent.
downtown at the international festival.
chad used my dress pocket to hold his beer.
studly figures.
just doing a little rock climbing.
my pretty {little} city.
ready to leave.
kisses for Ryan out on Washington St.
brunch at Cyclone Anaya's.
the weekend ended with a trip to the movies to see the Bounty Hunter.
everyone fell asleep except for Scott who was the only one who
did not want to see the show, haha.
i broke the strap of my dress during a hardcore dance party
in the car on the way home from the theater.

i'd say that makes for a successful weekend.

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