Tuesday, April 20, 2010

another houston hoorah.

2 weekends ago i headed back to {Houston} for a few nights.
thursday night was spent at the turtle races.
it was rather entertaining to cheer on my turtle of choice (#2).
ryan and i.
of course i am carrying him and not the other way around.
on friday, i spent the day shopping at anthro.
i went and had coffee with one of my friends i hadn't seen in a while.
the night brought about pizza on Washington followed by a few bars.
i wore a cute little black romper and the boys brutally made fun of me.
blayne and i.
chadley and i.
Linsey, me, and Kalena.
saturday morning i had to get up early to head home.
mom and i ran some errands, and we headed to a wedding that night.
it was fun watching everyone dance,
but i wasn't in "full dance Natalie" mode.
i'll be saving up most of those moves for the Kerr/Walker wedding!

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