Tuesday, April 13, 2010

productive tuesdayyy.

{playing around with my shadow}
today was rather eventful.
i woke up in dallas at 5am.
drove to college station to make it to my 8am.
went home after class, and got ready for the day.
went to my second class.

at my lunch at starbucks while i blogged,
downloaded music, and caught up on the web.
i went back to the house, unpacked and repacked
for the upcoming weekend back to Houston.

i caught up on some of my shows, and
worked on my cookbooks.
i went by kroger, and stocked up on some food.
i cooked salmon, black beans, and spinach salad for dinner.
then worked some more on my cookbook.

all in all, i had a good day. the weather was nice, i felt like i got a lot done, and i just enjoyed life and the point i am at right now. not that there aren't things i want to change, but i know that i won't be able to take advantage of my free time when i start a full time job so i am really trying to make the most of everything right now.

... after all, "there is no time like the present."

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