Monday, April 12, 2010

spreak break recap.

i skipped out a little early on school and started sb2010 a few days early. 2 of my brothers had spring break the week before mine, so we decided to overlap them as much as we could and head to florida. here is a little recap of the events of the week:

love photoshoot with hannah.
dog walking/shopping with abbygirl.
dinner at the red bar.
seaside chapel.
bike riding.
raw oysters.
ryan's 14th birthday.
cappuccinos, dark chocolates with sea salt, and a book.
flying kites and relaxing on the beach.
view of the lake.
pickles beachside grill.
more shopping.
st. patrick's day.
melissa's 22nd birthday.
of course i took like a billion more pictures, but these were some of my favorites. i'm a little behind at posting them, but who would i be if i was on time?

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