Monday, February 22, 2010

ski trip 2010: winter park, co.

the "funnest" group presents: a week to remember.

my easy schedule this semester has allowed me to travel quite a bit, and i am loving it. when i found out that some of my working friends were going on a ski trip over a long weekend, i just had to get in on it and we had an absolute blast! we stayed in a nice two story condo with a hot tub and lots of room to dance. it would make sense that the only injury i had on the trip was not from skiing, but rather from a dance party injury. apparently chad and i need to work on the cartwheel off his thighs move, haha.

everyone made fun of me all week for my cute little ski outfit. they said i looked like the girl from dumb and dumber, haha. i happen to love my little outfit, and red lipstick to match. also, i was the only girl that could stay up with the boys. thank you mom and dad for forcing me into skiing all those years when i was not a fan.

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  1. Cool pictures! That looked like tons of fun :D