Monday, February 15, 2010

my loves.

in honor of valentine's day, i decided to make a list of things that i love:

i love: my family.
they are so supportive and are like close friends,
and i love that we have that relationship.

i love: "the hardcore four."
i can't imagine what the last few months would
have been like without them.

i love: starbucks.
it's the only way to get me going in the morning,
and i just love feeling so content sitting a table with
journals/hw/the internet with a fresh cappuccino.

i love: the girls.
it makes me sad, we are all growing up and
continuing our lives in various cities.

i love: photography/polaroids.
i have had so much fun recently editing pictures, and
i love that i have a good portion of my life documented.

i love: arts and crafts.
the past week i have a made a tutu, valentine's, and ect.

i love: feeling loved.
i am so blessed, and it feels good to know that people care.

i love: city lights.
i love driving through the city and looking up through the
sun roof at the big buildings.

i love: summertime.
i love spending time at the beach with my feet in the sand
and a good book and relaxing music playing on my ipod.

i love: to dance.
one of the reasons i love my friends so much.

i love: fashion.
the day always feels better when i dress up,
and when i walk into a {good} mall i always feel happy
(even if i don't buy anything)

i love: to travel.
i love to visit different places, and have a long list of places
i have yet to visit and hope to some day.

i love: music.
especially electronic right now.
i love daydreaming to new songs.

i love: tv shows and chick flicks.
i enjoy getting lost in someone elses life,
and getting hope from their happy ending.

lastly and most importantly,

i love: jesus.
i love knowing that he is always there for me, and
that i am never really alone.

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