Monday, February 22, 2010

elliot's going away party weekend.

so these are kind of long overdue, but here they are
anyway. one of my best friends, Elliot, just got a
job promotion in Wyoming.

For his last weekend in Houston,
we had a celebration/reunion, and i had a great time.
it was so good to see my old roommates/best friends
that all seemed to be spread across the state.

we started off the weekend at Howl at the Moon.
on saturday, the girls went to the Galleria for a little
shopping, and the boys went to the brewery.

after that, we all met up at Cedar Creek.
we played music and hung out on the patio for
several hours.

saturday night chad had a bunch of people over
for a dance party, and of course chad and i
dominated in a little beer pong.
{always posing..}
{bucket of bad decisions}
{3/7 of the girls}
{everyone wanted to be in our picture}
{dancing of course}
{sweet little lauren}
{more dancing around}
{telling secrets}
{aggie rings}
{i miss her so much}
{love chadley}
{the boys}
{high kicks}
{the aggies}
{sad he left us}
{team total domination}
{my kalena}
sundays are generally sad due to the fact we all have to go our separate ways. this sunday was especially sad because we didn't really know when we would have everyone together again. i miss the girls so much. college station has definitely not been the same without them at all. it's hard that everyone kind of has their own lives now, and we still remain close but i liked when we were more of a part of each others days. at least we have good memories, and pictures to document our past.

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