Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"far from what i once was, but not yet what i'm going to be..."

i spend majority of my daydreaming.
i absolutely love to dream about what is unknown at this point.
here are a few things i {dream} about...

i {dream} about living in a big city.
i wonder what it will be like to constantly reside in a metropolitan area rather than to simply visit on the weekends.

i {dream} about living in a high-rise.
i long to look through my window and see city lights.

i {dream} about decorating an apartment that is my very own.
i have an inspiration folder i constantly put pictures and jot ideas down in.

i {dream} about traveling to places i haven't been to yet.
if an idea in my mind of what the various places look like.

i {dream} about my future husband.
i wonder if we have met before or if it someone i have yet to come in contact with.

i {dream} about my future children.
i wonder what they will look like and what i will name them.

i {dream} about being completely content again.

i {dream} about outfits i intend to put together.
(as silly as that sounds)

i {dream} about potential photo ops.
i'm slightly obsessed with photography if you can't tell.

what do you dream about?

1 comment:

  1. Just came across your blog by accident. My name is natalee too and I dream/used to dream about the same things. I have a husband now and doubt I will ever get to live the dream of living in a big city in an apartment on the 15th floor. So if you get the chance, do it now. Don't wait.
    Though marriage has made me {most the time} completely content. :)