Thursday, January 7, 2010

family party.

so it is tradition at our house to have a family party for each birthday.

it is probably one of my most looked forward
days of the year.

all of my family and a few close friends came over for
homemade spaghetti and mocha cake.

{my niece Ella.}
{i want a dog so bad.}
{some of my closest friends.}
{Danielle. Holly, Chelcie, Me.}
{Aunt Rhonda, Mom, Nana, Me, Babette.}
{Hallie girl.}
{my favorite mocha cake.}
{only the best.}
{my family.}
{in front of the tree}
{babygirl has been coming to my birthdays since '88.}

22nd birthday will go down as on of the best.

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