Friday, January 8, 2010

2009 reflection.

skiing in Vail, CO. ran in a 5k in Houston.
i went camping for the first time.
attended a few of my brothers soccer games.
went to Austin for Holly's 21st. road segways for Valentine's Day.
went to a few A&M basketball games.
went to New Orleans for Spring Break.
Had a Vampire Party for Steph's 23rd.
dancing in CS with Mel. home for Easter.
Laurena's Ring Dunk.
went to San Marcos for Candace's graduation.
attended Steph's graduation from A&M.
went to FL for Memorial Weekend.
baby brother graduated from high school.
i spent most of the month working for my dad.
most of july was spent in FL.
it was magical for sure.
i went to NYC in august.
then came home and got ready for school.
i got my Aggie ring in September!
went to all the home football games.
i went to ACL. went to Dallas for a girls weekend.
dressed up as an apple and grapes. went to see Owl City in Austin.
then dressed up as Raggedy Ann.
went to the Galleria for our annual shopping trip.
celebrated Danielle's birthday at Kona Grill.
the boys came to CS for the weekend.
went home for Thanksgiving. attended the UT vs. A&M game.
went to Austin for the weekend.
went to Houston for my 22nd birthday.
celebrated the holidays at home.

-- i would have to say 2009 was a great year.
very unexpected, but a good unexpected for sure.

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