Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the sexiest night of television.

every year i love to kick off the holidays by watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. when i was in college, my roommates and i always DVRed it and watched it together pausing it to discuss what outfits we liked, what wings we would want, and how unbelievable the girls look.

this year wasn't much different. i went over to my friend Holly's for champagne, chocolate truffles, and of course the show.

the music was really good. normally i don't think Katy Perry is good live, but she actually didn't sound too bad. she is kind of an awkward stage performer though. i loved the Angel song by Akon as well as the other music they played down the runway by Jewel and Muse.

now i think this is just the motivation i needed to start running again...

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