Tuesday, August 10, 2010

feeling more at home.

so i moved back home.

i have been dreading this entire experience, but i finally feel like this is God's current plan for my life and I am starting to make the most of it.

my first complaint about living at home is that i have to use the furniture in my room and it is still decorated like i left it post high school.

today i had a revelation that i should redo it, so i will enjoy hanging out in my room more during this season of living back at home.

my furniture in my room is very modern and does not go with everything, so i can't use everything from my college bedroom being that that furniture is in storage and would be a pain to temporarily move.


i have this quilt from anthro that i can use.
add these sheets.
plus this pillow.
and a few decorative knicknacks.
this will go with the silver hardware.
i loveeee this rug.
i'm going to hang some records, and set up my record player.
collect a few decorative frames.
and buy a few of these Penguin classics to stack.
andddd i think this will be a great start to feeling more at home.
plus, it gives me something exciting to work on.
i'll let you know how it goes.

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