Tuesday, July 20, 2010

reason behind my temporary leave of absence.

i have been terrrrrible about keeping up with this blog as of late.

this is mainly due to the fact that i have done a great
deal of traveling the past few weeks.
1. i drove back to FL from TX on june 29th.
2. i flew out to San Antonio for a wedding july 8th.
3. i flew back to FL on july 11th.
4. i flew to Nashville and then Vegas july 15th.
5. i returned to FL july 19th, and thankfully i will stay here
for the remainder of the month.

let's just say...
i am very burnt out on the airport,
i would never want to be a stewardess,
they keep airplanes wayyyy too cold,
i can only read/listen to music by myself for so long,
people say very random things to strangers in the airport.

more updates on life soon.

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