Friday, March 5, 2010

Houston: Brunch + Date Party + Bathroom Dance Off

i went and picked up elliot from the airport for
his "surprise" visit. he tried to surprise most of his friends
by coming in a few days earlier than originally
planned but the surprise was somewhat of an epic fail.

the guys did the Great Urban Race thing downtown,
and Kalena, Haley and I went to brunch before
meeting up with them.

that night i went to a date party with my friend shawny.
we went to eat at a little diner in Spring then we went
to a comedy show.
after the comedy show we went back to Brian's house in
River Oaks. it was so pretty. one of the guys in their
organization works for coke zero and the company is trying
to start up this new thing where everyone at a party
wears headphones that are all synced together. everyone
dances to strobe lights and it is like a party without
all the noise. it was pretty funny to watch!
i came back to blayne's to go to sleep and they were
having a dance party in the bathroom.
my friends are always ridiculous.

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