Wednesday, March 24, 2010

glum wednesday.

well it's a rather gloomy day here in cs, tx. the weather is cool and misty and the skies are {gray}.

i'm trying to get some homework done at starbucks. it's part of my daily routine. i come here get a cappuccino, say hello to all my other starbucks friends, and get on the computer. i check facebook, pitchfork, uo, anthro, and my favorite blogs, before getting to that homework stuff. i always intend on getting more done than i typically do, but it is what it is.

on days like today i would enjoy nothing more than curling up on the couch with good book (i am currently reading the new york regional singles halloween dance) and my microfiber blanket while playing a little {she & him} or {vampire weekend} for background music.

so i'm in a glum mood given the weather, and the fact i am running low on quarters and decided to try to beat the meter system. i was putting one quarter in at a time and letting a little time go by before going to check the meter again. well i just went out to check and i got another ticket. whomp whomp.

oh, and i just found out that my little college station house is officially sold. i am very indifferent about it. i have lived here for almost 3 years, and watched it being built from the ground up. i picked out the stone, the paint, and my little red door. there have been so many memories made in that house (good and not so fantastic ones). i remember being so excited when the girls and i moved in and we officially got to know Lauren. we have had some of the most epic dance parties at the house which will probably be some of my favorite memories.

on a more {happy} note:
1. i plan on catching up on some tv shows tonight
2. i am going home tomorrow for Holly's shower weekend.
3. i cannot wait to see the girls! i miss them so!

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