Monday, March 15, 2010

baby boy blayne's birthday.

so the second night in houston, we celebrated blayne's 25th birthday. the boys decided to have a crawfish boil and it was a great time. i danced for about 8 hours straight. i was exhausted by 9pm, haha. the next day it hurt so bad to bend my legs at all. we had a good time playing with the crawfish. you would think we were small children. oh well, i always love a good photo opp.
my love.
chad and ryan.
birthday boy blayne.
my first crawfish of the season.
kiss the crawfish.
fishy faces.
my faves.
scott aka the wildcard.
acting like dinosaurs...
the great peeps challenge.
josh ate 25 peeps in 3.5 minutes.
you couldn't pay me to do that. peeps are so nasty.

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