Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hello World.

so.. i'm obviously new to the blogging world and this my first actual post. sadly, i don't think it will be very exciting, but believe me i have good ideas for this blog so don't give up just yet.

i think today i will just let you in on some information about myself..
[things i'm passionate about.]
2. coffee shops.
3. new music tuesdays.
4. outdoor concerts.
5. pictures.
6. girls nights.
7. cuddling.
8. christmas music.

[things i say often.]
1. "That's all."
2. "I'm tired/cold/hungry.."- complain much?
3. "I'm at Starbucks."
4. "Sorry."- in SNL Gilly voice.
5. "Babe.."
6. "Ok. Sounds good."
7."I need to go by UO."
8. "I miss you."

[books i've read recently.]
1. The A-List
2. New Moon
3. Twilight
4. the Bible
5. Handle with Care- currently reading

[songs i can listen to over and over..]
1. Fighting for Nothing- Meg & Dia
2. Swimming in Miama- Owl City
3. We Get On- Kate Nash
4. Lost- Michael Buble
5. Amazing Because It Is- The Almost
6. Keep Breathing- Ingrid Michaelson
7. Pictures of Success- Rilo Kiley
8. Stay Away- The Honorary Title

[things that attract me to my best friends.]
1. Their <3 for Jesus.
2. They can always make me feel better.
3. They share my love for sweets.
4. We can always pick up where we left off.
5. They always have my back.
6. They are silly..
7. They will always like to play (no matter how old we get..)
8. They are all beautiful.

[things i want to do before i die.]
1. Get married.
2. Go to Europe/travel the world.
3. Live in a big city.
4. Have 3-4 children.
5. Open up my own boutique.
6. Be less cautious.
7. Learn to sew.
8. Follow my dreams.

well that is just a taste of natalie.. i'll be posting more fashion related stuff later..

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  1. i love your blog!! it is so cute!! yes, that is crazy that we saw your parents on vacation! what a small world. i love cup of jo, love jesus, love the name sawyer. best friends i tell ya. thanks for looking us up!! i will keep following your cute blog!