Friday, January 21, 2011

this year's resolutions.

1. pack less- i'll admit...traveling with me is a complete nightmare. traveling by myself is even worse. when flying, i usually carry (2) 50 lb. carry-ons and i check two bags. people hate to road trip with me because i fill the car up with things i might need. needless to say, in 2011 i need to cut back on the packing because half the time i do not use 1/2 of what i bring.

2. read more- i love to read. finding time to read is another issue. i would like to read at least 25 books this year. i can definitely do it, i just need the motivation to dig in.

3. follow through with ideas/be more crafty- i'm constantly jotting down craft ideas. i even go to hobby lobby and buy the materials. half the time i just have trouble following through with my ideas, and i want to do a better job of completing things i start.

4. learn more about my camera- i bought the canon 50d back in may. i absolutely love the camera, and it takes amazing pictures. i use iphoto to edit the pictures, and i got photoshop elements for christmas. i still have so much to learn about the camera. i want to learn how to use it manually, so i can take more professional looking pictures.

5. de-clutter my room/life- i have so much stuff. my life would be so much simpler if i could get rid of some of the clutter and become more organized. i want to organize my craft ideas into books, and make a book of magazine cutouts so i can through out more magazines. i also need to get rid of clothes and other things i don't really use.

6. live fearlessly- i am a very fearful person. i don't like to take risks, nor do i like to do anything that might set myself up for disappointment. life is so short, and it's time for me to start living a little more.

7. focus on the present- there are so many times i find myself anticipating the future and what God has in store for me that i am missing out on what is happening right now. i don't want to look back, and feel like i took advantage of what i had at my fingertips.

8. drink more water/exercise- i (like everyone else in america) put exercise on my resolution list. i just want to eat a little healthier, drink more water, and try to fit in some exercising during the week... even if exercising means playing dance central on my brother's xbox for a few hours.

9. make videos- i got a flip for christmas, and this year i want to start making little mini videos to music of different places i travel or events.

i suppose that is a good list to start with. let's see if i can mark some things off!

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