Friday, January 7, 2011

nye, times square or westhaven?

we rang in the new year with a house party.
we went to the party store earlier in the day for props.
we decided we had to have the times square backdrop,
streamers, and of course lights.
we ate pizza and cupcakes
and played a game of Circle of Death.
if you have never played, i highly recommend it.
it's a good time.
of course, we broke out into a dance party early in the night
and continued to dance into the new year.
my favorite find for the party were the mini hats.
if you have not seen the tiny hat skit for snl,
it's a must see and part of the reason i loved my
little glitter hat so much.
here's to 2011,
i feel like it's going to be a good one!
side note: i can't take credit for all the photos. a new friend i made was testing out her new lens and took a billion fun pictures at the party.

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  1. What a fun new years eve celebration! Those little hats are amazing, what a fun prop!