Monday, October 25, 2010

sweatpants and cwtv.

well it was a rather relaxing/non-exciting weekend.

i suppose that isn't entirely true, but now the kind of excitement we were hoping for. friday i got off work, and took a nap then went to my brother's football game. he dislocated his shoulder the first play of the second half, and just laid on the field. we had no idea what was going on, and how bad he was hurt but luckily he was ok and won't need surgery just time to heal.

saturday i ran errands with my mom. we went to Barnes and Noble, Hobby Lobby, the mall, Goodwill for halloween costumes, and a few boutiques around town. we were both bored, and trying to find things to do to occupy our time. we ordered pizza and wine for dinner, and watched {the killers} which by the way i loved!

sunday we got up for church and went to lunch with some family friends. i spent the day catching up on my dvred shows, reading magazines, doing crafts, reading this, and drinking starbucks under a blanket. it was a very relaxing day, but
there was one thing that was missing...
two days then i'm headed back to nashville for a fun-filled week/weekend!

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