Thursday, October 14, 2010

vampire weekend + acl [twenty-ten].

this past weekend i went to austin city limits.
i was originally supposed to go on friday, but it wasn't going to work out so i decided to go to houston thursday night so i could still see vampire weekend.
saturday we headed out there around 1 for a very hot and exhausting day.
this sign represents one of the many reasons i love austin, tx.. you see signs like this on random posts or sides of buildings every where you go.
the group before pete yorn.
austin skyline and the masses.
chadley, lost not 2 but 1 shoe before dark.
all the random flags for finding your friends during the xx.
kalena and i resting our legs after "dancing ourselves clean" to lcd soundsystem.
blayne and i during deadmau5.
deadmau5-- best show of the weekend.
sunday at the festival during edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros.
passing all the pedi-cabs on the walk back to the car.
unfortunately i didn't get to stay to see the eagles play, but i just couldn't do it and make the four hour drive home.

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