Thursday, September 30, 2010

feeling like fall.

(pumpkins with warts make my skin crawl)
it finally is starting to feel like fall around here.
it's breezy in the morning,
{however it does still feel like death around lunch.}

at least i can start my day off right wearing long sleeves,
and taking in the (almost) feel of fall.

i miss walking through campus during fall, and sitting up
at my window in the coffee shop listening to music
and daydreaming while watching the hustle bustle of the students
walk by.
it used to be so cozy at my little table.

we kick started the season in {nashville} last weekend by going to buy pumpkins at the farmer's market, and of course take lots of pictures.

i can smell carving, cider, yellow/orange leaves

and boots in the near future.


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