Monday, September 13, 2010

2010 VMAs Recap:

1. Of course Lady Gaga showed up in an outrageous outfit and proceeded to change into a number of equally ridiculous outfits as the night went on.. shocking
2. I loved Chelsea Handler's intro into the show pretending to be Lady Gaga.
3. I noticed that everyone (Rihanna, LG, KP, etc.) decided to wear really long artificial nails to the show. Not a trend I will be duplicating. As if the long nails weren't bad enough, Katy Perry decided to paint Russell Brand's face on all of her nails since he couldn't make it. Now that's love..
3. Taylor Swift's performance sounded like nails on a chalkboard.

4. Justin Bieber was precious as always. I secretly really want to attend one of his concerts.
5. Deadmau5 was the house DJ. loveeee him! Listen to his song here.

6. Loveddd the performance by Florence + the Machine.

7. Yay, for the Black Keys winning Breakthrough Video of the Year. I'm not in love with the video by any means, but I do love "Tighten Up."

In lieu of the VMAs, I decided to add a picture of my dear friend Christopher at I from a few years back. He called me, and begged me to forget about studying and instead dress up with him while watching the show. This is why we are friends...

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