Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ready for five pm..

(picture by Steph-San Antonio '07)

The day has gone by rather slowly it seems. I've got approximately two more hours til I get off. I feel motivated to get stuff done today thanks to my Starbucks venti iced coffee w/cream. Here is what I will attempt to accomplish..

1. CVS- i've got so many pictures i need to get off my memory stick

2. Pack- the boy and i are going to Tyler,TX right after work on friday

3. Finish book- if anyone hasn't read something borrowed or blue i would suggest it!

4. Crafts- this includes: headband making, going through magazines, collage making, sewing?

5. Run- if it is not raining (i won't be too heartbroken if this doesn't get accomplished..)

6. Transfer music to new computer- this is way overdue

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