Monday, July 27, 2009

lady list.

i am the queen of making lists. i buy little journals, and i make tons of lists when i get bored. the lists vary from what i need to do that day, week, month to what i should pack for (insert location), or what i should wear that week..

{here's what needs to get done today}:
- pack for FL.
- make more headbands.
- finish watching DH:S1 as i create.
- work on cookbook.
- edit pictures.
- pack up stuff to bring back to cstat (this will take a while which is why i need a head start..)
- start my new book.
- go through old magazines (i'm working on a fashion journal/home decor journal)
- go through itunes.
i think that list is a bit optimistic. i hope to get at least half of it done.. we shallsee : )

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