Wednesday, June 30, 2010

beah home, sweet home.

we are back in the great state of FL.
i love getting to call this place home for the next month.

so far there is no oil/tar balls on the beach.
only time can tell if we will get some, but
watercolor has hired a company to make sure the
beaches are nice and clean which is a plus.

along with oil, we are also having to worry
about excessive rain due to hurricane alex.

God certainly is keeping beach life interesting this summer,
however, mom and i were talking earlier and we agreed
that we would look back in months to come
and remember that God had a plan for everything:

the beach, state, my life in general.

regardless, i would rather be here than at home for my last summer.

i purchased 4 books today.
i decided that my goal for the month is
going to be to read 20 books.

challenge extended.

goodnight world.

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