Monday, December 28, 2009

birthday weekend.

so my birthday was Dec. 11, but i am just getting around to
posting pictures from it.

i have not been doing a good job of keeping this thing
up, but i plan to do better in 2010.

here is a recap from my wonderful 22nd birthday.

{fish bowl we all shared at RA Sushi.}
{two of my favs.}
{right before he squirted a lot of it in my face..}
{next morning outing.}
{tutu twenty-two.}
{my girls.}
{the only picture of the 3 of us in our tutus.}
{our signature pose.}
{most of the group.}
{he wore a onesie for me..}
{my eclectic cake made by Mel.}
{our crazy theme..}
{cake war.}
{Texan Game.}
{we matched.}
{game group.}
{our game tradition.}
{they laid our chairs back.}

all in all it was such a great weekend.
i really do have the greatest friends.

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