Wednesday, October 14, 2009

..and it's another good morning.

(picture by jo- NYC '09)

i love starting out my days early.
i like being completely ready for the day in the morning.
my favorite mornings are the ones when i have a class at 9:10,
and immediately following class i walk across
the street from campus to Starbucks.

i have gone there on a daily basis since freshman year.
sadly, most of the employees know my name and what i like to order.
haha, it kind of makes me feel good though.

so this morning i order my cappuccino
(nonfat, 2 raw sugars, extra shot)
and i spend my hour i have to spare til work eating a blueberry
muffin and sipping on my cappuccino while listening
to Lasso by Phoenix and checking up on what is going on
today (email, blogger, clothing).

--my only complaint is the crazy texas weather.
it's super humid and 80 degrees.

{i hope i still get to fit this ritual into my day after i get a big girl job}

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